zero-waste resources – TUCSON, AZ



City of Tucson Recycle Coach app

What to put in your blue bin:

  • Cans ─ soda, soup, other cans (empty, clean and dry is the rule for all recycling) and you can leave the labels on

  • Plastic ─ water bottles, other drink bottles, clamshell fruit or take-out containers, rigid plastic like detergent bottles. Keep lids on.

  • Paper ─ junk mail (plastic windows on envelopes are fine), newspapers, office paper, shredded paper (in clear plastic bags for much of the area) and cardboard

  • Glass -- jars, bottles.

  • Other -- aluminum, milk&juice cartons, shredded paper in clear plastic bag

  • DON’T PUT: small appliances, food particles left in containers, plastic bottles with liquid left in them, pizza boxes, styrofoam, plastic bags (bring to supermarket), plastic straws, batteries, fast-food drink cups, ceramic items, crystal and heat-resistant glass like Pyrex

Tucson Clean & Beautiful Recycling Directory for everything else

Other ideas:

  • Buy Nothing Facebook groups

  • Freecycle

  • Donate: Goodwill, Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity, Tucson Refugee Ministry, International Rescue Committee, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Casa de los Ninos