Claire Kaufman
Founder & Head of Tucson Outreach


Claire founded Zerology because she wanted to help friends and family take the plunge into sustainable, holistic, low-waste living. Her professional experience in sustainability policy and personal experience growing up in Los Angeles and dealing with health issues made her aware of just how profoundly powerful it is to consume consciously and live in alignment with the planet. In her free time, Claire is a yoga teacher, freelance journalist, backpacker, and avid cook. Claire studied Environmental Economics and Public Policy at the University of California, Berkeley and is currently located in Tucson, AZ.

Email claire@zerologywaste.com for info on zero waste workshops in Tucson or follow on Instagram @claudkauf !

Sarah Atkinson
Communications Strategist & Head of Boston Outreach


Sarah is an environmental professional with experience in sustainability consulting, marketing, and environmental education. She grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and studied Environmental Sciences at UC Berkeley with a focus on food systems and social justice. Sarah has always been mindful of her environmental footprint, which is why she decided to take the plunge into a low-waste lifestyle last August.
Currently based in Cambridge, MA

Email satkinson246@gmail.com for info on zero waste workshops in Boston or follow @sarahrosebeara.


Just two friends on a mission to reimagine waste and reinvent how we consume to support a healthier and more equitable planet now and in the future for people, plants, and animals alike.