Our Motivation

So much waste.

389 million tons.

That’s the amount of trash Americans throws out every single year — the equivalent of 64 million elephants. That’s a lot of elephants.

That also means that each American is complicit in producing approximately 6.6 pounds of trash every day. Which means if we live to the average American age of 79, we are on track to produce 95 tons of trash across our lifetime.

When we allow our trash to build and marinate in a landfill, or float out to sea, it destroys our air quality, contaminates our water, infects our food, decreases our living space, increases costs of natural resources, causes significant neurological and physical illness, and above all, means irreversible and irrevocable damage to our precious planet and the other species that live here with us.

We need to act now.  

why waste?

We care about waste because we care about the health of people now and in the future, the health of our plants and animals, the health of our ecosystems, and the health of our planet as a whole.

We want to bring together environmentalists, social justice advocates, innovators, and entrepreneurs in addressing our waste problem and reimagining a world where “cradle-to-cradle” and “closed-loop” designs are not just regulated but valued by our society. We want to work towards a world that isn’t just “less-bad” but, in fact, more good! No more “cradle-to-grave” economies – let’s make low-waste-living easier for everyone and along the way reduce the toxins in our air and water, increase the wages of our industry workers, move away from our reliance on oil, and build something new, together.