Maybe you’ve heard the phrase, maybe you’ve seen the hashtags, maybe you’ve even tried to fit all your waste for the year into one mason jar like the Instafamous zero-wasters do. But for the life of you you cannot understand how one could possibly be ‘zero waste’ and still be a normal human being living in America.


I feel you.

Just last year I made it my New Year’s Resolution to produce zero waste. I was inspired by knowledge of our world’s trash problem, a deep concern for all living things, and YouTube video about another girl who made the switch. I could do that!

But as hard as I tried and as much as I cared, I could not fit all my trash for the year in one mason jar. I realized that while going completely zero waste might be possible (and awesome!) for some, it’s like going from 0 to 100 push-ups on New Year’s Day. It’s just not sustainable for most.

Eventually, I found a happy medium: producing no more than a mason jar’s worth of trash each week, drastically lowering my waste footprint and bringing awareness of my consumption to the forefront of my attention.

I also found that it was more powerful to teach and encourage friends and family to make simple switches towards a less wasteful lifestyle, instead of a drastic switch to zip/zilch/nada zero waste.

That’s why Zerology is not hyper focused on the zero. Our name, Zerology, means “The Study of Reaching Zero Waste” because we know it’s all in the process.  Getting to zero is an ever-changing process and that will look different for each and every one of us. Wherever you are today is a good place to start.  And together, we can create a more sustainable and less wasteful planet.